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Clients often promote or hire new leaders who may be missing some key attribute(s) that keeps them from being the perfect ready-now candidate.

The missing attribute may be functional or technical expertise in their new area of responsibility. Another challenge that may exist is that the business challenges have a time urgency that will not allow a new leader to assimilate and build needed relationships with peers and subordinates while creating a plan that stops the bleeding, and quickly regains the business stability and performance levels needed.

CE3 Solutions has the expertise and proven track record to help that new executive succeed and accelerate their impact on the business. We do this by working with the new executive and her hiring manager to understand the current situations and gaps, and then we customize an approach.

We are acceleration agents and mentors for a client’s new leaders- giving them the maximum opportunity to succeed in their challenging new role.

Interim Chief Operating Officer
Head of Customer Care

Termination in a key role without a ready successor puts a strain on human resources and present business continuity challenges. While the recruiting process can take 3+ months to find the right candidate, the organization cannot afford to be without a strong leader to either keep the predecessor's momentum going, or to begin the process of stabilization, recovery and transformation that would be expected of a new leader who is not yet onboard.

CE3 Solutions offers proven leaders who are adept at stepping into new situations, learning quickly, gaining trust, and doing the right thing without a personal agenda. Their skills at stabilization, operations excellence and transformation allows the organization to make needed progress while searching for the ideal candidate. We reduce operational risk for employees, customers, shareholders and regulators during the transition.

CE3 Solutions Approach Interim World Class Talent
to Lead, Stabilize and Begin the Strategic Transformation

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